Rapid growth calls for culture change, centralised data access at global architectural firm


Integrated Architectural Solutions


Melbourne, Australia



BIM 360


The Challenge

With a team doubling from 25 to 50 architects in the space of two years, Integrated Architectural Solutions (IAS) is transforming the traditional model of architectural design to delivery.

With staff located across Australia and the Philippines, IAS had challenges setting up and managing large projects, including contracted digital delivery for other companies.

Reviewing and managing standards and integrating into client workflow, as per their contracts, was difficult without a central point of collaboration.

Staff training and content issues was impacting the firm’s ability to deliver projects in a timely fashion and, with clients having internal standards and workflows, IAS found it difficult to define and initiate its own standards.

“PKCG as a partner has allowed us to better define what our workflows and efficiencies are, and they complement the work we do.”

Igor Nikolovski

Integrated Architectural Solutions

Project Goal

To provide clients with the flexibility to lead their projects with a minimum set of standards, IAS needed to define the modeling standards and workflows for more long-term benefits.

The initial goal was therefore to increase the capability of staff and to document training material for new and future staff.

Another goal was to be able to audit and review existing content and highlight gaps, and a strategy for organising and curating content already available. In addition, IAS wanted to be capable of using Navisworks when required.

“We needed to understand non-negotiables and minimum standards to bridge the gap between design and delivery. By setting these foundations we can better negotiate with the client for deliverables and maintain the flexibility all projects require.”

Igor Nikolovski

Managing Director,

Integrated Architectural Solutions



To improve its distributed team’s complex workflow, IAS engaged Brisbane-based Autodesk reseller PKCG for a series of monthly live training sessions (with recordings provided for future use) and strategic consulting on workflow improvement.

PKCG reviewed the content and developed a strategy roadmap with all the challenges IAS needed to address, including how to organise, manage, curate and remove redundant content and replace it with functional and advanced content. IAS uses Autodesk BIM 360 to collaborate with external clients and has started using it for collaborating with service providers.

Revit and Navisworks is also used for design, documentation and training, and PKCG provided advice on plugins for Revit to implement automated workflows. The culture within the IAS office also changed as the training placed a huge impetus for staff to understand the demands of the client and their working culture. With an emphasis on model management, the team can define improved workflows with Revit to deliver projects with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Business Outcome

With a new culture of collaboration backed by better use of Autodesk technology, the biggest business outcome is an increase in efficiency and capability of staff.

New staff can be on-boarded more efficiently, and the team is more efficient and can deliver more complex projects without the need to continue hiring.

During the past 12 months there has been a huge shift in the way the firm is viewed by clients and the quality of deliverables is appreciated more thanks to a change of culture internally.


IAS architects now have centralised data they can connect to from anywhere.

The ongoing support of PKCG is helping IAS to better define the requirements of long-term sustainability.

With an automated business – from its BIM capability to its culture and talent – IAS can now help its clients benefit with more collaboration on projects.

A newly developed BIM strategy, including how it can better structure roadmaps and priorities, has positioned IAS to continue innovating as it grows.

Project Summary

Delivery Date 

December 2022 

Project Duration

200 days

Autodesk Solutions

BIM 360

Professional Services

Consulting Digital delivery

Product Training

BIM360, Revit, Naviswork