By adding Building Information Modelling (BIM) Management to our existing suite of service offerings, we cement our reputation as Australia's leading Managed IT Specialist to the AEC industry.

We oversee the BIM technology used in your office, freeing you to focus on clients and projects.

Everything from Revit Implementation, through to Coordination and Clash Detection and Ongoing Project Support are included in our comprehensive BIM Management Services.

Revit Implementation

PKCG provide full Revit implementation services for clients looking to migrate to Revit from any other platform. This includes strategic planning, staff communications, development of standards documents and templates for Revit, training of staff, development of customised content and smart workflows all tailored to the specific needs of the client.

BIM Planning and Auditing

We provide consulting services to Builders, Asset owners, Project Managers and Consultants to make sure they receive the most specific and valuable BIM deliverables and aren’t paying for something not adding real value. Our auditing and reporting service then validates that the requirements we have set out in the project BIM execution plan have been met and that all models are fit for purpose.

Revit Content Development

Working closely with our clients, we develop easy-to-use Revit content that will accelerate the modelling and documentation process, while maintaining consistency of standards. We pride ourselves on making smart, lightweight content that solves problems.

Revit Training

PKCG have developed an extensive scope of Revit training to cover any area of BIM, Revit and associated software in which your staff need to upskill. We customise all our training to suit the project type you work on and the required deliverables so that outcomes are immediately relevant and useful.

Office BIM Management

We oversee the BIM technology used in your office, freeing you to focus on clients and projects. We do all the research and testing of new technologies and present easy to understand recommendations on what would generate the best ROI for your business and what areas to subsequently focus on improving.

Project BIM Management

PKCG can set up and plan your model, assist with complex modelling or documentation workflows, provide an audit, review and maintain models and give guidance and support to the project team to meet any project requirements or mandated BIM deliverables.

Coordination and Clash Detection

PKCG provide detailed clash detection and coordination services, the scope of which includes reviewing all models, finding and assigning clashes and running coordination meetings. We even assist in correcting model clashes if required.

Revit Modelling

Our modelling service is for special cases where the level of complexity is difficult to achieve in house, or where you need a short-term expert to meet pressing deadlines. Our clients rely on our speed, efficiency, and accuracy, which allows them to confidently focus on their areas of specialty.

Ongoing Revit Support

Our ongoing monthly subscription service allows small businesses to benefit from our expertise without the overhead cost of a full time BIM manager. The services offered include strategic planning with management and project leaders to review the current BIM capabilities, while designing a roadmap to improve efficiency. We then work to incrementally improve your capabilities by implementing training, standards, content development and the adoption of new technology.

Ongoing Project Support

Ongoing project support is typically for larger projects where there is a high demand for BIM deliverables or a high level of project complexity. If your office does not have sufficient internal BIM/Revit expertise to confidently deliver a large-scale project, PKCG works directly with the project team to plan the model structure, instruct staff and manage workflows for each drawing package. We also audit and maintain the model, providing feedback to staff along the way to avoid rework and costly errors. These proactive steps, functionally eliminating cost blowouts because of poor modelling and workflows or staff skill and discipline, are critical for the on time and budget delivery of large projects.