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PKCG are proud to announce a game-changing partnership with cutting edge AEC software provider A2K Technologies – an ARKANCE company – to extend our managed IT services offerings across the AEC and Manufacturing industry throughout the ANZ region.

The partnership aims to provide businesses with expert AEC professional services and world-class managed IT services, to offer a complete AEC software and management package.

Specialising in BIM management and the provision of partnered managed IT services, PKCG – one of Australia’s leading experts in the AEC & Manufacturing spaces – provide robust and reliable IT infrastructure support essential to businesses operating across the country.

Covering everything from IT Helpdesk, Server & Workstation support/maintenance, Revit implementation, BIM Planning and Auditing, Revit Content Development, Project & Office BIM Management they cover complete full service managed IT options for customers.

Director of PKCG, Chris Farley said it was a smart strategic move to form such an alliance with a tech player that was so prominent in the AEC and Manufacturing spaces.

“The AEC and Manufacturing industries are outliers as far as IT Support is concerned, these organisations require specialist support and technology advice.  We are specialists in IT managed services for these industries, that’s our core business and what we live and breathe so teaming up with a provider that is a leader in AEC & Manufacturing technology is mutually beneficial in extending the offering to customers across the region.”

Managing Director of A2K Technologies – an ARKANCE company – Cameron Stuart-Nairne said the business is extending its offering through this core strategic partnership.

“This move sees us become a full-service provider with technology and managed IT services for our AEC customers. With extensive industry experience, our people and our partners offer industry leading capabilities that are second to none.”


Underpinned by French parent company, Monnoyeur Group with a 100+ year history as a leader in the B2B construction and manufacturing industries, ARKANCE has emerged as the largest global provider and trusted transformational partner at the forefront of digital technology for building, manufacturing and construction industries worldwide.

Today Vinzero A2K Technologies – an ARKANCE Company – is part of a global network that provides unparalleled coverage across EMEA, USA and APAC and combines world class technology partners with its own IP solutions, expertise, professional services and support across 50 locations in 18 countries across the globe. With a portfolio for sustainability – Think.Future, and a software and technology portfolio – Build.Smart, we’re committed to our vision of advancing the way we work together to build a better world.


PKCG is a unique managed IT services company who specialise in outsourced IT, Cloud Services and Software Applications for businesses in the Architectural & Engineering and Manufacturing industries. We are not your typical ‘outsourced IT company’.

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We have worked hard (closed 54,177 tickets), delivered great results (average 19-minute response time), and made a positive impact for our clients and partners.

We have also grown as a team, learned from each other, and supported each other through many unique challenges and opportunities.

To celebrate our achievements, we had a fantastic Christmas party at Spicer’s Canopy, a beautiful and relaxing retreat near Brisbane where we enjoyed the scenic views, the delicious food, the fun activities, and most importantly, the company of our amazing colleagues.

It was a perfect way to end the year and get ready for the next one.

We want to thank all our clients for their trust, collaboration, and feedback in 2023. You are the reason we do what we do, and we are grateful for your partnership.

We look forward to working with you again in 2024 and beyond.

From all of us at PKCG, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄🎉

Top Row: Nick, Daniel, Austin, Peter

Second Row: Chris T, Chris F, Dean, Joe

Third Row: Tom, Sonam, Andrew (AJ), Kezang

Front Row: Zara, Willis, Jemma

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Revit Implementation: Streamlining BIM Processes in AEC Firms In today's fast-paced Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, efficiency and accuracy are key to successful project delivery. That's where Revit implementation comes in. Revit is a powerful software tool that allows AEC professionals to create and manage detailed 3D models of buildings and infrastructure. By implementing Revit, firms can streamline their BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes and improve efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle. At PKCG, we understand the importance of Revit implementation in AEC firms. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in providing exceptional IT support to clients in the AEC industry, including Revit implementation services. Our team of experts is trained in BIM technology and can help your firm leverage the full potential of Revit. One of the key services we offer is BIM planning and auditing. We work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive BIM plan that aligns with your project goals and objectives. Our auditing process ensures that your BIM processes are efficient and effective, identifying any areas for improvement and providing recommendations for optimization. Revit content development is another crucial aspect of our Revit implementation services. We can help you create custom Revit families and templates that are tailored to your specific project requirements. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures consistency and accuracy across your projects. To ensure that your team is proficient in using Revit, we offer comprehensive Revit training. Our training programs are designed to cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced users. We provide hands-on training and practical exercises to ensure that your team can confidently navigate and utilize Revit's features and functionalities. Office BIM management and project BIM management are also part of our Revit implementation services. We can oversee the BIM technology used in your office, ensuring that it is up to date and optimized for maximum efficiency. Our project BIM management services focus on coordinating and managing BIM processes throughout the project lifecycle, including clash detection and coordination. At PKCG, we understand that ongoing support is crucial for the successful implementation of Revit. That's why we offer ongoing Revit support and ongoing project support. Our team of experts is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have, ensuring that your projects run smoothly and efficiently. Don't just take our word for it - our satisfied clients, such as Ellivo and Deicke Richards, have praised our collaborative mindset and ability to become a part of their teams. They appreciate how our IT support liberates time for their staff by taking care of their IT needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best - designing and delivering exceptional projects. In conclusion, Revit implementation is a game-changer for AEC firms. It streamlines BIM processes, enhances collaboration, improves accuracy, and increases productivity. At PKCG, we have the expertise and experience to assist you in implementing Revit and optimizing your BIM processes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your firm streamline its BIM processes and deliver projects more efficiently.

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