Enscape 3.1 has been released

Enscape 3.1 is now available, bringing with it a host of new features and improvements!

New materials library

With the new materials library, you can now search through hundreds of pre-defined materials such as wood, fabric, brick, and tile to save time and simplify the process of improving your renders.

However, if these (and more to come in future updates) are not enough, then the material editor has been improved by introducing a colour and type indicator to quickly identify materials, as well as adding the ability to import and export materials between projects.

There is also new library full of simple, low-poly assets to give context to early design phases without distracting from the core elements of your design by adding unnecessary details and complexity. Within this initial batch of simplified assets are people, buildings, vegetation, furniture, and vehicles.

Ray-Traced Sun Shadows

Support for RTX ray-tracing has been available since 2.6.1 and 3.1 takes further advantage of this with sharper and more accurate shadows to enhance the realism of renders.  Ray-Traced sun shadows are available in exported images, panorama exports, and rest mode in walkthrough.


Enscape now includes Nvidia DLSS (Deep learning super sampling) to improve render times and quality of videos and walk-throughs. This technology utilises AI and machine learning to upscale an image, meaning that Enscape can render at a lower resolution for vastly improved performance while still achieving the same or greater image quality.


There are several other features and improvements brought in with this update including a panorama gallery, and improved integration with Revit. You can read about all the changes in more depth by checking the post on Enscape’s blog here.