Optimising your Remote Desktop connection

So, you’ve recently read our post on how to improve your internet connection at home now you’re looking for the next speed hit. Let’s dig a little deeper into your working from home setup, more specifically, your Remote Desktop connection and how we can optimise it.

Even though it is very good with compression, your Remote Desktop connection is constantly updating everything you see – think of it like watching a video stream of your work computer. Using a single colour background, while boring, is more efficient than that ocean sunset on the beach you’d rather be at.

Out of the box your Remote Desktop connection is designed to detect and provide the best experience based on your internet connection when you connect. This works well, until someone starts watching YouTube or Netflix in the house. When your internet takes a hit like this your Remote Desktop can suffer quite a lot as it won’t automatically adjust to the new connection speeds available.

There are some changes to the quality settings you can make that will speed things up, at the tradeoff of missing some visual features including:

  • Background Images
  • Windows Themes & Visual Styles
  • Window Content while Dragging
  • Menu Animations
  • Colour depth

Making these changes

We recommend tweaking these settings to find a good balance between performance and appearance.

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection
  2. Select Show Options in the bottom left
  3. Select the Experience tab
  4. Drop down the Performance menu and select Modem (56 kbps)
  5. Untick all of the boxes
  6. Select the Display tab
  7. Drop down the Color menu select High Color (16 bit)

That’s it, now you can go to the General tab and save this connection to your desktop for quick easy access every time.

Your Remote Desktop session might not as nice as having the display settings turned up, but it will make for a more fluid and response experience.

If you would like our help speeding up your remote access, and enabling your work from home workforce – please contact us on 1300 735 926 or email us at support@pkcg.com.au