Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

PKCG have built a strong reputation supporting the AEC industry over the years and we are constantly asked the question “Can we move our infrastructure to the Cloud?”. In keeping with our core value to always be upfront and honest with our clients (even at the detriment of our own sales) the answer to that question has always been “Yes, but….”

“Yes, but currently the infrastructure required is not cost effective”
“Yes, but the supporting infrastructure has not yet advanced to the point where we are happy with the resulting performance”
“Yes, but too many companies have rushed to provide the AEC industry with a complete VDI solution and few if any of them have managed to get it right”

PKCG are glad to announce that this will no longer be our response.

After months of rigorous trialling and testing PKCG have partnered with BIMedge and HVE ConneXions to support and provide the AEC industry with the best performing VDI solution on the market, at a price point that won’t consume a decades worth of your IT budget.

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