PKCG is a unique managed IT services company who specialise in outsourced IT, Cloud Services and Software Applications for businesses in the Architectural & Engineering industries. We are not your typical 'outsourced IT company'. Think of us as an extension to your business. We take the time to understand your business and work with you to deliver the best possible outcome that suits your business. We are not your stereotypical IT guys. We are professional, yet approachable.

Why choose us?

Team Work
PKCG keeps a detailed database on all of our clients infrastructure. If for some reason, the assigned technician you normally work with becomes unavailable mid-task, their replacement will know the exact status of the job and exactly what is left to be done in order for the job to reach completion. At PKCG, all of our technicians understand your IT requirements.

When a PKCG technician tells you that they will see you at 10am, they will see you at 10am.  No more waiting around for a technician to arrive between 8am and 4pm. As much as we enjoy spending time with our customers, we also understand that the time we spend with you is costing you money therefore we do not believe in band aid solutions. When you call PKCG, it is because you want a job done On Time and One Time.

PKCG technicians are trained with a single minded focus on achieving the best results for you the client.  For us it is not about maximising billable hours or up-selling other services. It is simply about achieving your desired outcome while understanding the reality of your individual business constraints.

Many IT companies ignore the vital role that communication plays with their customers. At PKCG, we endeavour to respond to all enquiries or fault reports within two hours of receiving them.  We will then keep you constantly updated on the progress of your job until completion. With PKCG, follow-ups are not a pleasant surprise, they are standard procedure.

PKCG believes in the importance of good relationships with our customers and our accountability focus builds on those relationships and eliminates surprises for the customer. Internally it builds better performance and improved satisfaction for our employees.

Rapid Response
At PKCG we endeavour to respond to all enquiries or fault reports within two hours of receiving them.

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